Christian Leeby – Yoga Instructor

Miracle-of-Yoga-(79)Christian Leeby, an energetic and passionate yoga-enthusiast, has been teaching restorative yoga, focusing on correct alignment and posture, for over 24 years. Throughout the years, he has gained new techniques and skills, and has developed a deep proficiency of the discipline.

Christian wasn’t always a determined yogi, but rather progressed and developed his practice by confronting each new pose with such purpose and strength of mind that he grew to become the teacher he is today.

As a young adult, Christian was what he jokingly refers to as “wimpy.” He never excelled in school sports or found any form of exercise that captivated his interest. Until he experienced yoga.


Christian stumbled onto his yoga journey when he decided to read a book about yoga, outlining a home practice which he could follow. Like many others, his intentions were good and he followed through with the practice for about a week. He was expecting to see results, but instead found the pain in his lower back to be worse than before. It was obvious something must be wrong.
Reluctantly, Christian signed up for his first yoga class, hoping a teacher could help guide his practice and correct his posture. He signed up for a three day workshop, completely unaware of the journey he was about to begin.

Throughout the workshop, Christian watched in awe as he realized the amount of strength, flexibility and concentration it took for his teacher to move through some amazing poses. “I wanted to be able to not only control my body that well, but have a body that could actually do that,” he said.

“Those three classes changed my life,” he said. “I was hooked.”

Miracle-of-Yoga-(106)Not only did I confront the reality of my physical condition, I also saw the potential that was possible if I put some time and energy into myself,” Christian said. “And to top it all off, I saw how the mind is at the center of it all.”

After years of developing his own personal strength, concentration, determination and flexibility, Christian decided to share his passion on a larger scale. He wanted others to experience the same uplifting and gratifying rewards that he was experiencing as a result of yoga.

Individual Consultations

Private Consultations

I am available for individual consultations if you would like expert advice regarding your personal yoga practice. This is particularly helpful if you have restorative structural issues like neck pain, back pain, etc. or organic issues like high or low blood pressure, low immune system function, etc and require therapy. Practicing yoga correctly means understanding your own body, because everyone has their own history and circumstances that determine how they should best practice, what poses to do, what modifications to use, etc. Also available are prenatal yoga consultations for pregnant women and couples.

Ideally, consultations are done over Skype so we can see each other, however if you don’t have an internet connection that allows for Skype then we can use telephone and e-mail as well.

The cost for a private yoga consultation is $1.69 per minute.


Please fill out the form to the right with your requested date and time. I’ll call to finalize your appointment.