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I can’t recommend Christian highly enough. I had recently herniated 2 discs and was experiencing numbness and weakness in my leg due to sciatic nerve damage. My doctor told me to expect back surgery. It was a difficult time, and I was very concerned about my prospects for recovery as I was having trouble walking normally. Christian was reassuring, patient, and very careful to avoid re-injuring my back. It made all the difference. In the end back surgery was avoided and I have recovered! I am grateful to have found Christian.
-Ken B.


After trying acupuncture and chiropractic, and still continuing to have agonizing pain from sciatica for several months, I finally contacted Christian. Yoga completely eliminated my pain and has allowed me to perform activities that have not been possible for years.
-Mike K., DVM


For 20 years I suffered with the ill effects of a ruptured disk in my low back. I tried a lot of techniques to make it better including different kinds of Yoga, Physical Therapy, and swimming. After 17 months of faithful  Yoga practice with Christian, my back is so much better.
-Carol E.


Since I began with Christian, not only have I truly enjoyed practicing yoga, become stronger and more aware of my alignment, but most importantly the chronic lower back pain that I had suffered from for years, has completely disappeared. I give Christian and Yoga 100% credit for this recovery!
-Alisha D.


When I first started with Christian I was barely able to tie my own shoes. A snowboarding accident and years of poor posture had taken a toll. I had tried hitting the gym, chiropractic therapy, massage, and a strict regiment of Advil for a couple years yet my mobility was only getting worse. As I continue to practice Yoga with Christian, I continue to feel better than I could have ever imagined! His instruction is very clear and well conveyed. He is knowledgeable and well experienced. Christian is THE MAN!
-James T.


From a yoga teacher who taught the pose from my 7 Secrets Videos: I borrowed the table top Down Dog and did it in a Yoga class I was running and the students loved it. And, I hadn’t even finished your series of seven free videos. More! You are great as a teacher, have it down to the essentials. Clear explanations. Visuals are excellent.
-John D.

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